Mane Headwear

The Mane™ has been  designed with the  equestrian  in mind.   Coming in 10  equestrian themed  patterns,  and with more than a dozen ways to wear it, you will likely find it the most  versatile piece of  clothing you own. 


You will find no seams in the Mane™, as it is knitted into a tube out of cool-max-1.png  fibers.  

CoolMax  was originally developed for clothing intended for use during extreme physical exertion — sweat can evaporate quickly so the wearer is kept dry. Other useful properties include resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.


For cool morning walks (or rides), wear as a scarf, mask, or hood.  Unlike most fabrics when you wear as a mask, you can actually breathe through it.  When over your ears, you can still hear.  For hotter weather, tie one of the patterns over your head such as the sahariane, it will cool you off, even when wearing a helmet.  For more cooling, wet it and let it evaporate.  Need to run an errand but haven't showered, a hairband or foulard is a great option.  Your possibilities are limitless.